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DeveloperScrewdriver Ent.
PublisherScrewdriver Ent.
Release dateSeptember 2018
  • Shooter RPG
  • EnRu
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  • Windows
Shooter RPG

Post World

Features of the game:
- A unique combat mechanics, combining the use of bullet-proof modified shields with firearms and cold steel.
- Shield is a way to get out of any scrapes, and a modified shield - your ticket feels completely safe on the wasteland.
- Create your character and write your story: support any of the 4 unique factions or choose your own path.
- Pump your character - sometimes an inconspicuous skill completely changes the tactics of fighting.
- Unique group tactical AI. Do not always defeat the enemies as easily as it seems. All factions have individual tactics of interaction on the battlefield, depending on their cultural characteristics and available resources.
- The interaction of factions takes place on the global map, along which the player also moves.
- Pseudo-realism in relation to inventory in battle - only what is available in hands, behind and in unloading (if you have it) is available.
- Advanced inventory management: the place is over? - There is always a way to put things in another way.
- Not always the extracted equipment - the best. Kraft is your friend.
- Procedural generation of locations for random events. And this cobblestone lay where it was last time?
- One in the field is not a warrior - gather a detachment of unique characters and turn the course of events.
- Take part in large-scale battles with up to 50 units.

Unique offer (USP):
For midrange Action-RPG players who like to make decisions that lead to a multitude of ambiguous situations (the death or appearance of a faction), POSTWORLD is a game that offers the opportunity to decide the fate of people and the world as the player wants, without clearly defined rules and boundaries .
Unlike Fallout / Mount & Blade / Stalker / Metro games, POSTWORLD shows what happened on the territory of the whole Russia, what factions were formed there, how they divided the remaining resources among themselves, and how all other people survive, including the main character.
The Abyss Platform is currently unavailable on mobile devices.