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MMORPG, Medieval, social, strategy

Big Game

Big Game is a browser strategy game with real-time combats, caravan routes and hunting for treasures in the ancient ruins. Amazing graphics, exciting battles and city construction as the main component of any military-economic game. This is the ground on which the gamers' dominions are based.

A standard settlement in Big Game has an academy for training warriors, a tavern for hiring heroes, a ministry for issuing trading licenses and security towers to prevent enemy spies from sneaking in. You can build a public house to increase your income, and a circus to ensure that city residents are happy.

There are six main characters in Big Game, each having its own specialization. Chris, the tomb raider; Don Jose, the foxy merchant, Ezio, the skilled assassin; Leoric, the talented military leader; Jean Jacques the historian; and Valentine, the female warrior. Each of these characters has two magical skills that will be very beneficial in battles. Game combats take place on the checkered fields and require the gamer's entire involvement.

Additionally, the game provides plenty of other ways for entertainment: the black market, sacking the neighbouring castles, the storyline, investigation of ancient ruins. Everything is implemented at the highest level, looks great and sounds even better.

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